Hot Air Balloon

Are you in for an exciting experience?

Blazing flames and a colourful envelope slowly filling up with hot air is the beginning of an adventure's time out. Pilots and Passengers join in to get the basket off the ground, glide up towards the sky and travel in silence across the countryside.

Far from the daily routine, usual hectic or traffic sounds, balloon riding is winning ever more devotees and is increasingly popular as a sport. Events as the "Montgolfiaden" always attract international ballooning pilots and enthusiasts. They organize traditional competitions or mass starts that decorate the sky with all sorts of different colourful shapes and sizes.


The mass start at the airport in September has also become a tradition to balloon pilots from all over the world. Up to eighty hot air balloon teams arrive early in the morning to glide along with the sunrise.



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The do's and don'ts of the balloon flight

Anyone can a take a balloon journey as long as they can hold on safely and require no assistance during the landing. Minimum age for beginners is between 14 to 16. Passengers must be in a good physical condition. People suffering from any form of cardiovascular desease, reduced mobility or any other serious illnesses must produce a certificate from a doctor.

If such a clearance certificate is not produced, the passenger must certify that there is no physical disorder that could affect the balloon flight. Although balloon flights are in no kind dangerous, the pilot requires such verification for his personal legal protection.

The weather conditions must be suitable for a balloon flight. Generally good weather is not necessarily ballooning weather. Dry weather, sufficient vision, wind speed and direction are the important factors for a balloon flight.

The balloon is not steerable. Wind speed or direction can change during the flight which can influence the route and possibly change the planned landing site. Heavy landings are seldom but in principle cannot be ruled out.

The Luftsportverein Wiedenbrück e.V. does not carry out commercial balloon flights. Therefore the waiting time for the start of the flight can be unpredictable.

The length of the flight can vary considerably between 50 and 85 minutes depending on the direction to the landing site. On average the ride will take up to 70 minutes. As the distance in that time is again determined by the wind it can be anything between one to thirty kilometres.

The number of passengers depends on the air temperature and the weight of the passengers. The maximum number is four people, including one or two pilots.

There is no special clothing required for a balloon ride. Even though it may be warm, we advise not to wear shorts and short sleeve shirts and to ensure the clothing does not consist of synthetic fibre. Shoes should be robust, hiking boots or strong trainers are ideal.

Because of the prevailing thermals during the daytime in the warm summer months the balloon can only start shortly after sunrise or in the evening two hours before the sunset begins. Be sure to meet the pilot at least thirty minutes before the arranged departure time. Depending on the weather forecast the pilot will decide on the day to go ahead or postpone the ride. In any case you will get a call on the phone two or three hours before the agreed departure time.

Cameras and videos can be taken on board and are subject to your own responsibility. The pilot is not liable for any damages.

Passengers who do not suffer from severe acrophobia needn't be afraid of giddiness. This disappears once the balloon has left the ground.

To celebrate your first hot air balloon ride you will have a traditional balloon christening, document presentation and champagne toast.