Security controls

Security controls are necessary to ensure your safety at the airport and on board your flight.
Whilst at the airport you will pass through two security check points, one for hold luggage before check-in and another for hand luggage controls before entering the gate area. All luggage will be x-rayed.


To quicken up the proceedings at security controls before entering the Gate, we recommend to prepare whilst waiting in the queue. Please take off coats and jackets, remove any content from pockets and place all loose items in one of the provided boxes for x-ray screening. Cameras, (including digital, small electrical items such as mobile phones, MP3 players and game consoles) can remain in the bag for screening. However, all laptops and large electrical items must be removed from the bag and placed in a separate tray. Passengers carrying these items should expect closer checks. Electric appliances or electronic devices, such as mobile phones or notebook computers are not allowed to be used on the aircraft.

Important information:

Passengers with pacemakers should consult security staff before proceeding
through security check!


Passengers are allowed to carry ONE item of hand luggage.
Hold and hand luggage must not exceed certain weight and sizes.
Please check with your airline for more information.




Since each airline has their own policy regarding the free allowance and the amount or sizes of hand luggage to be taken on board, we recommend to contact the airline before travel.


General guidelines:


Economy Class: 20 kg
Business Class: 30 kg
First Class: 40 kg

Different restrictions apply on journeys from and to USA and Canada.
Further information will be given by your airline.
Excess luggage will be charged additionally. Prices can be found on the airline websites.

Sizes and weight:

  • 56 centimetres tall (approximately 22 inches)
  • 45 centimetres wide (approximately 17.7 inches)
  • 25 centimetres deep (approximately 10 inches)
  • weight: 6-8 kg (depending on Airline)