Information for Pilots




Reference point:

Geographic latitude and longitude
N 51° 36' 50,72'' / E 08° 36' 58,74''

Position: 1090m W THR 24-Centerline

Runway: 2.180m longitude, 45 latitude (plus each extention 60m)

Lighting installations:

Approach lights 24
Approach lights 06
Glide path illumination (PAPI) for runway 06 and 24
Centerline lighting
Runway edge lighting
Threshold lighting
Taxiway lighting
Aerodrome beacon (ABN) and obstruction lights

Aircraft noise measuring system:

T.O.P sonic with 4 measuring station plus 1 mobile measuring station

Distance and direction by city

8 NM SW Paderborn
10 NM SE Lippstadt
Minden: 91 km
Bielefeld: 55 km
Gütersloh: 44 km
Detmold: 45 km
Hameln: 84 km
Höxter: 70 km
Kassel: 80 km

Airfield altitude: 699 ft

Airfield reference temperatur: 18,6 ° C

Local variation:
1° 19´W (1987.12)

Transition altitude: s. RAC-1-2 No. 9

Operating time: 24/7

Airport Company: Flughafen Paderborn/Lippstadt GmbH

Air traffic control: Fon +49 (0) 2955-77219

Emergency medical service: Ambulance station 24h

Air freight handling:

Types of Fuel: Jet A1, AVGAS 100LL

Types of Oil: BP 80, 100, D 80, D 100, 20 W 50

Fuel equipment and restrictions/limitations

Available maintenance facilities: Shipyards company for general aviation and commercial aviation