Airport Guided Tours

Experience the fascinating world of the airport! Get a look behind the scenes.

When the captains report, "ready for take-off", a lot of action has been going on behind the scenes. A multitude of preparations function like clockwork. Several departments work hand in hand, gathering vital information for the crew, handling the aircraft, checking-in the passengers, dealing with the baggage, catering, fuelling and going through checklists in the cockpit and cabin. All of this before the passengers get on board.

The tour will give you some insights of the action behind the scenes and the functioning of an airport.

Beginning with a video presentation you will have a short look back into the history, get an idea of recent developments and future perspectives. Starting the tour with security controls we take a walk through the terminal, pass the waiting areas and then get on the bus for a drive across the airside apron. We will watch ground handling servicing the aircrafts, move on to the general aviation sector, pass the fuel station and get a look into the  maintenance centre. This massive building is designed for short and long haul aircrafts up to the size of a Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A310. After visiting the airport's own fire brigade, getting a glimpse of the fleet and a short overview of the intensive training programme we end our tour at the new "Quax-Hangar" where you finally get impressions of starting and landing aircrafts directly from the viewing platform. 


The airport tour in short:

  • Video presentation
  • Security controls
  • Tour through the terminal
  • Bus tour across the airside apron
  • Visit to the fuel station
  • Air Berlin hangar and maintenance centre
  • Airport fire brigade
  • Quax-Hangar

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes
Group size: min. of 15 people and a max. of 25 people
Tickets: 6.00 Euro per person (Persons with reduced mobility: we offer a discount of 1 Euro per person)

Reduced tickets for children and youngsters under 17 years: 3.00 Euro per person
Minimum age: 6 years

Reception: Information desk in the terminal
Bookings: Bookings must be done in writing


How to book the airport tour:

As the tours are very popular and the required date may not be available, we suggest you note at least one or two alternative dates. Please be sure to book well in advance and latest four weeks before.

For registration some of the participants' data is needed. This includes the first - and family names and ID-registration number form the ID card, passport or driving license. The visitors list must sent back to the visitors service office at least a week before the tour. The listed IDs or passports must be carried along for the tour. Children under 16 do not need an ID or passport.


Visitors Registration>>Download for the booking sheet>>Download visitor list>>


Should you wish further information or have any requests or requirements
then please contact our visitors service office.



Visitors service office

Mrs. Gabriele Hirt-Pache

Fon + 49 (0) 2955 77 267
Fax + 49 (0) 2955 77 319





Several restaurants and bistros offer a wide range of different snacks, menus coffee and cake.

It is advisable to make reservations for larger groups.

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Important Information

  • Bookings must be in writing at the airport at least four weeks in advance.
  • Please also note some alternative dates for your tour.
  • You will receive a written confirmation.
  • In the case of Acts of God or any unforeseeable incidents the Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport reserves the right to cancel the tour. In this event a new date for the tour will be arranged.
  • When tours are being planned the applied for date will be given priority but dates cannot be guaranteed. Therefore please give an alternative date when booking the tour.
  • For the accreditation we require a full list of participants showing first and family names and age. Persons over 16 years must also enter their personal identity card number or passport number. Please forward the list to the visitor service office one week in advance of the tour. Children under 16 do not need an the ID
  • Persons over 16 years of age must carry their ID or Passport during the tour.

Arriving by coach

If arriving on a bus you may instruct the driver to hold at the bus lane in front of the terminal for getting off or on the bus.

  • During the course of the tour you will be passing through the security controls. Forbidden articles such as knifes of all types, scissors, nail files and other pointed articles, teargas sprays, tools, weapons or dummy weapons must not be carried. Otherwise these articles will be confiscated on the spot and not returned.
  • Visits to the control tower and aircraft are not possible.
  • During the tour we ask you to follow the instructions of the airport personnel.
  • In order to go through with the full programme it is essential to arrive on time.