Check-in and luggage regulations


Check-in desks and Self-Check-in machines are located in the departure zone of the terminal.
To find out which desk to go to, just check the information on the monitors in the terminal.

To register at check-in you need the ticket or booking number and your passport. Upon that you receive your boarding card and luggage tags for deposited hold luggage.


Please make sure to leave plenty of time for check-in.

You find the check-in times marked on your ticket or the itinerary.


Take the following information as a general guide:

Scheduled flights/Domestic flights:
For domestic flights allow a minimum of 1 hour prior to departure. Check-in counters close 15 minutes before departure.


European flights/Holiday charters
Passengers travelling on European flights should allow a minimum of 2 hours prior to departure. Check-in counters close 30 minutes before departure.

After check-in we advise to proceed to security control straight away.


Important information:

To be up to date with the revised security measures please read more about rules and regulations relating to hold luggage, hand luggage and liquids .