Experience one of the oldest aviation sports

Parachuting is one of the oldest forms of aviation sports in the world and has never lost its special fascination. Amongst parachutists the freefall from 9.000 ft is considered the best sporting challenge of all.


To get a feeling for this exciting adventure you may want to book a tandem jump at first. Experienced sky divers will give you an introduction and explain the techniques of the canopy and the jump.

Once you have had your "dry training" on the ground you get on board the aircraft. It takes a steadily 20-25 minutes climbing to the ideal altitude.

Once the command ‘GO' is called through the aircraft, you set off out of the door in a free fall for 30 seconds. The tandem master will then open the canopy and make sure you have a save and sound landing on the ground.


For more information, dates and details please visit the club's website.


Fallschirm-Sportspringer-Club Bielefeld e.V.
based at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport
Fon: +49 (0) 2955-749110