Once the fascination of flying takes hold of you - it will never let loose again!


Three Flying Clubs at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport share this enthusiasm and enjoy a very diverse and genuine club life.

They organize events, tours and run their own flying-schools to transport the fascination and experience to the next generation.


Luftsportverein Geseke

LSVR Luftsportverein Rietberg


Five hundred members and the ownership of fourteen

aircrafts make the Rietberg Club one of the largest

Flying Clubs in Germany.






Out of the museum and onto the runway -

that is the Quax-Pilot's philosophy!
There are enough old treasures found in many a museum and of course this is certainly better than scrapping them.

But battery-farms are not only a suboptimal solution for chicken:

Aircrafts need to fly!
Find out more about the Quax-Club and their passion for historical aircrafts.