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Head of Marketing & Sales

Klaus Marx

Head of Business Development

Directorate of Flughafen Paderborn/Lippstadt GmbH

Chairman of the board: District Administrator Christoph Rüther, Paderborn county


  • District Administrator Dr. Karl Schneider, Hochsauerland county
  • District Administrator Michael Stickeln, Höxter county
  • District Administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer, Gütersloh county
  • County council member Horst Bernsdorf, Soest county
  • District chamberlain Rainer Grabbe, Lippe county
  • Managing Director Petra Pigerl-Radtke, IHK Ostwestfalen of Bielefeld
  • Managing Director Axel Martens, IHK Lippe of Detmold


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