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Unaccompanied minors


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Unaccompanied minors

What you need to know, if your child travels alone.

Children who are younger than 5 years old are not allowed to travel alone:

Children under two must always be accompanied by a parent, a legal guardian or an appointed adult. (Suitable proof of identity-inclusion on the passport of parent or legal guardian or the child's own passport) must also be submitted for children and infants.Children between the age of 2 and 5 can fly without booking the supervision service if accompanied by their elder brothers or sisters (usually aged 16) provided they hold a written declaration of consent from one of the parents or the legal guardian.Children between 5 and 12 may be carried by the airline without a person accompanying them provided that the airline is notified in advance and that carriage of unaccompanied minors is confirmed by the airline. A notification is required for all unaccompanied minors under the age of 12.

Unaccompanied children who are older than 12 years

Children above 12 can fly alone without supervising service. However, we do advise you to add a written declaration of consent to the travel documents.
The supervision service can be booked for children up to the age of 16 if required. Supervision services are subject to extra charges and vary amongst airlines and routes.

Travel preparations for children travelling alone

While purchasing your ticket, you must declare that your child will be travelling alone. Travel agents often hand out the official supervision form and a small shoulder bag for your child. In some cases the form and the bag are handed over at the check-in desk.


    These information are necessary for the supervision form:

    • Name and age of child
    • Flight-number, date and destination
    • Name, address and telephone number of the person accompanying the child to the airport
    • Name, address and telephone number of the person collecting the child at the destination

    Necessary documents for check-in counter

    • Airline ticket or print-out of the etix® reservation and the supervision form
    • Valid passport/child's identity card
    • Visa for destination country
    • Travel insurance certificate (if available)
    • Information on allergies (recommended)
    • Receipt for pre-paid fees for the care service, if applicable
    • Declaration of consent from parents or legal guardians that their child may travel unaccompanied (depends on destination)

    Supervision before departure

    At the airport the child should be accompanied to the gate by a parent, legal guardian or an appointed person. Please note that you have to remain at the airport until the flight is airborne. Either the airport staff, airline staff or the handling agent will collect your child at the gate and take him or her on board the aircraft.

    Supervision on board

    On-board your child will be welcomed and looked after by one of the flight attendants. Unaccompanied children are always seated close to and within sight of the flight attendants so that they can be on hand immediately.
    No matter the length of the flight and the route airlines usually hand out games, pens and colouring books etc. so that your child will be well entertained and feel comfortable throughout the flight.


    Supervision after landing

    Upon landing at the destination airport your child will be accompanied into the terminal and only handed over to the person designated to collect him.
    Even if a flight is delayed, your child is in safe hands. At many airports there are supervision rooms where your child will be looked after. Naturally the persons due to collect the child will be informed by telephone of the delay and the new flight arrival time.


    Supervision form

    Download supervision form

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