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Events at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport

Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport hosts a couple of events at the airport, goes to exhibitions and is taking part in many more activities.


Events 2019

Date Topic Location
July, 29th. Libori Paderborn City
August, 1st Thomas Cook Roadshow Dortmund
August, 8th Thomas Cook Roadshow Bad Oeynhausen
Septembre, 4th Montgolfiade PAD
Octobre, 19th. Promo Südring Center PAD
Novembre, 17th Fly to Turkey fair terminal
decembre, 2nd Thomas Cook Roadshow Kassel
decembre, 12th. Reisebüro X-mas Touristiknetzwerk PAD
decembre, 9th Thomas Cook Roadshow Bielefeld
decembre, 11th Thomas Cook Roadshow Dortmund
decembre, 13th Thomas Cook Roadshow Paderborn
decembre, 15th 7. Adventszauber Terminal PAD

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