Special Needs


Parking spaces for disabled passengers

Dedicated parking spaces are available in front of the terminal.



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Assistance for passengers with special needs

An all-inclusive parking service is offered to passengers with special needs. Should you be travelling alone you may leave your car on the terminal forecourt and proceed to the information desk in the terminal. Our staff will assist with unloading your luggage, check-in and will park your car. On your return please again notify the information desk and they will arrange to have your car collected and your luggage loaded.


Special Assistance

There are a range of services provided by airlines and airport staff. Please make sure you inform the airline or your travel agent about required services when you book your flight. Customers using the internet for booking will find a contact telephone number on the airline's website.


Toilet facilities

There are fully equipped toilets in all areas of the terminal.


First Aid

Please inform the information desk or any staff member for first aid.

Fon: +49 (0) 2955. 77-0


Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs also referred to as service dogs are also subject to quarantine laws, and will only be permitted to fly following clearance. This will involve obtaining the correct veterinary certification prior to flying. Only if the animal has all the appropriate documents will it be transported. Please check with your airline in advance to see what documentation is required.